Google Ethical Hacking, How To Gather Sensitive Data


This course is meant to be practical, no boring slideshows or lectures, we will go straight to the point and start exploring the several tools right from the first lessons.

You will also learn best practices to secure your information, detect and avoid phishing scams in order to best secure your data.
This course is for educational purposes only, I do not take any responsibility for your actions and you are highly advised not to use this information to perform any illicit actions.

Since it fetches data from all over the internet (or most of it) some sensitive data also stays available and can be gathered with a few custom search queries and a bit of imagination This course will not only teach you how use most of Google's full capacities, it will also show you how to use other search engines to fetch sensitive information and validate if credentials are compromised.

Besides this you will learn how to setup a phishing attack website in order to get sensitive information by cloning websites such as Google's, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and you will also learn how to setup a local fake WiFi access point to get 
users credentials, among other useful information.

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