Donald Faison to play Professor Utonium on The CW's gritty Powerpuff Girls series


Earlier this month, The CW announced the main forged of its gritty, stay-action Powerpuff ladies reboot—now titled really Powerpuff, which is a completely CW identify—with Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault playing twenty-something versions of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Now, the network has additionally cast the trio’s father/writer, Professor Utonium, ultimately confirming that there'll at the least be one other man or woman from the unique lively collection returning for this (no phrase on Mojo Jojo, that's the only we’re all looking forward to).

As mentioned via range, Donald Faison has been solid as Professor Utonium, whose first name is seemingly “Drake,” with the story announcing he’s “quirky, debonair, and a pinch narcissistic.” He’s also “immensely proud” of the three high-quality-children he created in his lab (when he mixed sugar, spice, and the whole lot great with an unintended pinch of CHEMICAL X), and is now seeking to restore his relationship with them even as going thru a midlife crisis. That’s all extraordinarily upbeat compared to everything else we’ve heard about this show, which entails Blossom being ate up by way of tension, Bubbles getting overly invested in her celebrity life-style, and Buttercup rejecting her superhero past altogether, but Donald Faison is normally a pride and the lively Professor Utonium turned into constantly a dependable supply for wacky humor, so there’s no motive he can’t be the slightly cheerier coronary heart of the display. Assuming, of route, that the issue that brings the Powerpuff women lower back collectively isn’t Utonium getting horrifically murdered… which is probably a touch much, unless Zach Braff is playing Mojo Jojo and he’s the one who murders him.

Powerpuff is executive produced by way of CW mastermind Greg Berlanti’s Berlanti Productions, and it comes from author Diablo Cody and Heather Regnier. As some distance as we know, original series writer Craig McCracken isn’t virtually worried past getting a credit score for coming up with the characters, although if the opposite CW superhero shows are any indication, there could be a scene wherein someone mentions some thing occurring on “McCracken road.” That’s properly, right?

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